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Finished Gordon’s

We arrived at the competition at 12:30 pm. We unpacked the trailer and then had opening parade. The pl’s (patrol leader’s) had to fall in for our brief on what we had to get our patrol to do. In the Barn were I went to get my instructions there was a thermometer there It was 9.5 degrees in the barn. We were told that we can no start taking the stuff up to the camp that is our camp site for the weekend. We were team number 7 and had to find site number 7 which landed up being rite at the top of the hill. We then started taking the stuff up to the camp site there was a differences to the other Gordon’s I had being on the difference being that we had to get every thing to the camp in two trips.   We then set up camp I went to go do a base for the patrol leader’s which was marksman ship with a air rifle which I was very good at and scored 7 out of 10 for. We then made supper and went to go do a lot of  knight bases. The Patrol leaders final meeting was at 23:00 hrs. I then went back to our camp I set my bed up and got my patrol to go to sleep. Some time during the night my sleeping bag got water in by the feet part which was annoying but I got a few hours sleep. I woke the patrol up a 05:30. We stated making breakfast at 06:30 for the judges to judge at 07:00. the rest of the day went well. We had a lot of fun it was very cold and rained the whole weekend but it was good.  WE  CAME  22  OUT  OF  27  TEAMS  WHICH  WAS  GOOD.



So tomorrow is the big day we leave the scout hall at 10:00 hrs in the morning. That will mark the start of the Gordon’s scout comp for us this year. Will ad-least for the other members of the patrol my comp started on Monday with all the paper work an stuff I had to do.

Scout comp Gordon’s sheild

This past week I have been very busy preparing for Gordon’s.  Gordon’s  is a scout competition that is run over 2 days to push scouts to their limits. The troop I am with is entering one team of eight boys into the comp.

The major hike part 2

From Thursday the 28 June to the Sunday 1 July I was on a scout comp called withinshaw.  Witch is one f the most difficult scout hiking comps.  I was the patrol leader of a 4 scout patrol that was  doing this comp.  we started the hike in sea point and hiked up to a scout camp on signal hill. We then built a tent out of plastic and got our next orders to hike up lions head to make tea for a judge. We then came back and went to sleep in our tents we made out of plastic we were in four a very cold and wet night. The next morning we went up devils peek and got lost with some other scout’s we got very wet and cold we eventually came down the mountain via the path  under the cable car. The storm eventually got so bad that hiking that day was called off. The next day we started of with a sprinting race at tokai forest were we then mad our way over to silver mine were we got lost again were that time it was in my hand to get us of the mountain witch I did we then walked down to zundvlei.  The next morning we started of with p.t and a short jog we then walked down to muizenberg  were we did a orienteering course and walked back to zundvlei. We cam 6th out of 7 team that entered. IT WAS GOOD AND I CAME BACK TIERED .

The major hike

On the 28 June 2012 3 others and my self are doing a scout competition. The competition is spread over a four day hike which is unknown we are told to meet at a location and the hike will take place within 30km and 30min drive of your location. We will be faced with a hole lot of challenges on the hike. We will get sta which stands for spare time activities. I am looking forward to the hike but it will be a challenge.



Kontiki is a comp we do in South Africa were we build a raft and stay on It for 24 hrs It is a lot of fun. I will put the pics up.

This is a pic of me tying the anchor to the bows of the raft.

The raft we spent the time on this is our raft

The woggle I made


This is a woggle that you can make I made one. You use a knot called a turks head you can use electrical wire or rope to make them.