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Training this past week

I started training  recently after a 2 week brake because of scouts.  This past week has gone well I have started teaching one of my friend’s that recently joined the gym.  We are now running together every evening.  To nights run was difficult but I pushed through. The training was just as tough . I am still struggling with leg pains but all part of the fun. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO MONDAY AND CAN’T WAIT  TO START AGAIN

My brother has just started doing the weight’s section again so I am happy about that he is now back in the gym.  He is running with me in the evenings.  GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK JASON.



Tuesday night 05/06/2012

We my brother and I went for a run at 16:00 hrs we then came home and waited and till It was time to go train. WE DID NOT NO WHAT WE WERE IN FOR we got there started of with the normal stuff we then did three rounds of passing the medicine ball to each other we then did four rounds of sparing we then did 3 rounds on the pads. we then ended with the push ups and sit-ups. the next day I could hardly move my body but it was good.

On Friday

I started of the same as every other day except that he then said that we will be sparing without head gear. I started off well and then got hit hard a few times. when I got home my parents were very upset that I did not have any head gear on so that was not so cool.

I started k1

I started k1 kick boxing about 4 months ago I have already seen changes in my body and in my fitness. my training starts at 16:55 I start with a one kilometer run and then start training and till 19;30 we then come home have supper and a shower and go to sleep.