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The new member of the family

This morning I went to the shop with my dad. When we arrived home my brother rushed outside very excited.  We asked him what’s going on that he is so excited he said that somebody just gave us a duckling that they found on one of the roads.


We are now looking after the duckling we have fed it and gave it water.

that’s all for now but I will keep you posted on how its going.


Training this past week

I started training  recently after a 2 week brake because of scouts.  This past week has gone well I have started teaching one of my friend’s that recently joined the gym.  We are now running together every evening.  To nights run was difficult but I pushed through. The training was just as tough . I am still struggling with leg pains but all part of the fun. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO MONDAY AND CAN’T WAIT  TO START AGAIN

My brother has just started doing the weight’s section again so I am happy about that he is now back in the gym.  He is running with me in the evenings.  GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK JASON.