From Thursday the 28 June to the Sunday 1 July I was on a scout comp called withinshaw.  Witch is one f the most difficult scout hiking comps.  I was the patrol leader of a 4 scout patrol that was  doing this comp.  we started the hike in sea point and hiked up to a scout camp on signal hill. We then built a tent out of plastic and got our next orders to hike up lions head to make tea for a judge. We then came back and went to sleep in our tents we made out of plastic we were in four a very cold and wet night. The next morning we went up devils peek and got lost with some other scout’s we got very wet and cold we eventually came down the mountain via the path  under the cable car. The storm eventually got so bad that hiking that day was called off. The next day we started of with a sprinting race at tokai forest were we then mad our way over to silver mine were we got lost again were that time it was in my hand to get us of the mountain witch I did we then walked down to zundvlei.  The next morning we started of with p.t and a short jog we then walked down to muizenberg  were we did a orienteering course and walked back to zundvlei. We cam 6th out of 7 team that entered. IT WAS GOOD AND I CAME BACK TIERED .