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The major hike

On the 28 June 2012 3 others and my self are doing a scout competition. The competition is spread over a four day hike which is unknown we are told to meet at a location and the hike will take place within 30km and 30min drive of your location. We will be faced with a hole lot of challenges on the hike. We will get sta which stands for spare time activities. I am looking forward to the hike but it will be a challenge.




Kontiki is a comp we do in South Africa were we build a raft and stay on It for 24 hrs It is a lot of fun. I will put the pics up.

This is a pic of me tying the anchor to the bows of the raft.

The raft we spent the time on this is our raft

The woggle I made


This is a woggle that you can make I made one. You use a knot called a turks head you can use electrical wire or rope to make them.

scout meeting 06/06/2012

Last night was scout meeting It went of well we started of with the points and bearing of a compass. We then played snakes and ladders and then played a wide game and made popcorn. we then dropped the flag and closed the meeting off.

Tuesday night 05/06/2012

We my brother and I went for a run at 16:00 hrs we then came home and waited and till It was time to go train. WE DID NOT NO WHAT WE WERE IN FOR we got there started of with the normal stuff we then did three rounds of passing the medicine ball to each other we then did four rounds of sparing we then did 3 rounds on the pads. we then ended with the push ups and sit-ups. the next day I could hardly move my body but it was good.