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paint ball Sunday 27/05/2012

Paint ball today was really cool I just played 2 games but they were really cool. The paint was flying like rope but it was great. I got hit in the ass it stung like made


My weekend

This past  weekend was pretty cool it was very child and I mostly played games and slept late.

Some thing new

On Sunday I found out that I will help run a team building day at our local army base. The team building is for Edgars one of our bigger clothing companies in South Africa I am really excited about the day. It will be good

On Friday

I started of the same as every other day except that he then said that we will be sparing without head gear. I started off well and then got hit hard a few times. when I got home my parents were very upset that I did not have any head gear on so that was not so cool.

I started k1

I started k1 kick boxing about 4 months ago I have already seen changes in my body and in my fitness. my training starts at 16:55 I start with a one kilometer run and then start training and till 19;30 we then come home have supper and a shower and go to sleep.

Today 16 may 2012

Today was Wednesday it was scouts day for me. The scout meeting was good our D.C came to inspect us. We did well I made a mess up on parade but no one died because of it so the meeting was good. I gave a speech on first aid witch went well. We  then did 4 bases witch got us the stuff to make tea and we then had to make tea and the judge had to judge the tea.  We then ended parade of with the 10 scout laws.


I started cubs when I was 6 and half years old.  My first scout troop was an air scout troop first edgmead then I moved to sea scout .The troops name was first zeekeovlei sea scout. I then moved to My present troop first plumstead scout troop. I have being scouting for about 8 years now.